Owner & Founder

Est. November 2019

Legendz of The Stoop provides individuals with the platform and services needed to reach consumers and followers primarily in Southwestern PA.

The podcast is an open mic, inclusive safe-space. Individuals, organizations, and businesses are given the opportunity to express their First Amendment right freely, in order to advocate, educate, and inspire society. Our company believes this type of community and discourse is essential, especially during the polarized climate we find ourselves in. 


Thanks for 🛑 👋 the Stoop!

Legendz of The Stoop LLC


Developed a digital brand from the ground up, amassing over 450 followers through successful ad campaigns on social media platforms and Google.

Event Marketing

Organized a virtual benefit that partnered with three local corporations to raise over $500 in donations for four 501(c)(3) organizations.


Hosted over 30 podcast episodes with guests from across the country. 

Utilized Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects to generate audio and video podcast episodes for Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

Resume Design

Created personalized and professional resumes and cover letters for clients through Adobe InDesign.

Web Design

Created websites for clients utilizing Wix and coding languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.